Words with 'own' at the start and 's' at the end

Your particular request has generated 5 results.

4 letter words

  • owns

6 letter words

  • owners

7 letter words

  • ownness

9 letter words

  • ownerless

10 letter words

  • ownerships

What is an unique word from this page?
One of the most interesting words from this list of words that start with 'own' and end with 's' is 'ownerless'. According to the Oxford dictionary, 'ownerless' is defined as "Without an owner.".

In Scrabble, what's the highest score you can get from this list of words beginning with 'own' and ending with 's'?
Our recommendation for a total score of 10 points is the word 'ownness'.

In total, how many words are available using this combination of letters?
From this list of words with 'own' at the start and 's' at the end, there are 5 amazing combinations that can be selected.

Which word on this page stands out as the most popular?
A popular word for the combination you requested is 'owns'.

What is the largest word you can construct using this list?
The word 'ownerships' contains 10 characters.