Words with 'owe' at the start and 'e' at the end

In total there are 4 entries at your disposal for words beginning with 'owe' and ending with 'e'.

7 letter words

  • owenite
  • owenize

8 letter words

  • owerance
  • owercome

What word that starts with 'owe' and ends with 'e' is the most unique?
Standing as our favorite interesting word on this page is 'owenite'. The dictionary defines it as "A follower of Robert Owen, who tried to reorganize society on a socialistic basis, and established an industrial community on the Clyde, scotland, and, later, a similar one in Indiana.".

What's the longest word you can derive with the combination searched for?
The biggest word one can construct from this list is 'owerance', which consists 8 characters.

What's the highest scoring word in Scrabble available from this list ?
As there is just 4 results possible, your only feasible word is 'owenize' which totals 19 points.

How many words could one put together with this combination of letters?
There are 4 words available using words that start with 'owe' and end with 'e'.