Words with 'ovi' at the start and 's' at the end

15 entries were discovered by our system.

4 letter words

  • ovis

6 letter words

  • ovibos
  • ovines

7 letter words

  • ovillus
  • ovisacs

8 letter words

  • ovicides
  • oviducts

9 letter words

  • oviferous
  • ovigenous
  • ovigerous
  • oviparous
  • oviposits
  • ovivorous

10 letter words

  • ovigenesis

13 letter words

  • oviparousness

What's the highest scoring word you can play in Scrabble ?
You could make 'ovicides' for a score of 14 points.

What is the total number of words you are able to create from this combination of letters?
From this list of words beginning with 'ovi' and ending with 's', Dictionarypedia has found 15 unique combinations that can be selected.

What is an interesting word from the combinations possible on this list?
The most strange word based on a recent poll is 'oviparous'. According to the English dictionary, 'oviparous' is defined as "Producing young from rggs; as, an oviparous animal, in which the egg is generally separated from the animal, and hatched after exclusion; -- opposed to viviparous.".

How many letters are in the biggest word from this list?
Try 'oviparousness'