Words with 'ov' at the start and 'o' at the end

8 results have been found for this particular combination.

5 letter words

  • ovolo

6 letter words

  • ovambo
  • ovampo
  • overdo
  • overgo

9 letter words

  • ovaherero

11 letter words

  • overbravado

14 letter words

  • overlubricatio

What's the largest word you can make using this list?
'Overlubricatio' is the longest word that the Dictionarypedia database could locate, which has 14 letters

What's the most popular word that starts with 'ov' and ends with 'o'?
Our database reveals the most popular word in the dictionary that start with 'ov' and end with 'o' is 'overdo'!

How many words can one make using the combination requested?
It's possible to derive 8 words using this list.

What's a strange word from all the combinations available ?
One of the most unusual words from this page is 'ovolo'. The dictionary defines it as "A round, convex molding. See Illust. Of Column. Note: In Roman work it is usually a quarter circle in section; in Greek work it is flatter, and is equivalent to the echinus; that is, it has in section the elastic curve of the shell of the sea urchin. In mediƦval...".

What is the highest scoring word you can play in Scrabble ?
From this particular combination, you could play 'ovambo' for a total score of 13 points.