Words with 'n' as the first letter that end with 'ec'

Uh oh, we have only detected 2 suitable words.

4 letter words

  • nsec

7 letter words

  • nanosec

What's the highest possible score you're able to get in Scrabble from this list of words beginning with 'n' and ending with 'ec'?
As there are only 2 results available, the only option you can play for is 'nanosec' which totals 9 points.

How many characters are in the longest word from this page?
The largest word is 7 letters, which is 'nanosec'.

In total, how many words are possible to make using this combination of letters?
From this list of words with 'n' as the first letter that end with 'ec', you have 2 brilliant combinations which are possible.