Words with 'imm' at the start and 'm' at the end

7 results have been discovered for this particular combination.

10 letter words

  • immobilism
  • immoralism

11 letter words

  • immanentism
  • immediatism
  • immortalism

12 letter words

  • immersionism

13 letter words

  • immaterialism

What's the max number of words one can assemble from words that start with 'imm' and end with 'm'?
Here are 7 words possible using words that start with 'imm' and end with 'm'.

How many characters are in the longest word from this page?
The longest word on this list is 'immaterialism', consisting of 13 letters

What's a peculiar word from the word combos available ?
There are a number of unusual words on this page, albeit our favorite word at the moment is 'immediatism'. According to the Oxford dictionary, 'immediatism' is defined as "Immediateness.".