Words with 'eb' at the start and 's' at the end

Our records have discovered 15 terms.

4 letter words

  • ebbs

5 letter words

  • eblis
  • ebons

6 letter words

  • ebbets
  • ebulus

7 letter words

  • ebonies
  • ebrious

8 letter words

  • ebenales
  • ebeneous
  • ebonises
  • ebonites
  • ebonizes

9 letter words

  • eburneous

10 letter words

  • ebenaceous

11 letter words

  • ebullitions

What word from this list is the most interesting?
One of the most unusual words from this list is 'eblis'. The conventional definition of 'eblis' is as follows: "The prince of the evil spirits; Satan. [Written also Eblees.]". Credit to the Oxford Dictionary.

How many letters does the longest word on this list consist of?
The biggest word located by Dictionarypedia is 'ebullitions'. It is made up 11 characters.

In total, how many words is it possible to make using this combination of letters?
You can make 15 words with the specified letter combination.

What's the highest scoring word you can play in Scrabble ?
We recommend using 'ebonizes' for a total of score of 19 points.

What's the most popular word for this page?
The most well-known word for the combination you requested is 'ebbs'.