Words with 'e' as the first letter that end with 'it'

For words beginning with 'e' and ending with 'it', there are 24 words to pick from.

4 letter words

  • edit
  • emit
  • epit
  • exit

5 letter words

  • ermit

6 letter words

  • eyepit
  • elegit
  • elicit
  • emerit
  • erudit
  • esprit
  • evomit

7 letter words

  • enherit
  • excudit
  • exhibit
  • explait
  • exploit
  • exposit
  • extrait

8 letter words

  • eggfruit
  • enspirit
  • explicit
  • extromit

14 letter words

  • electrodeposit

What is the largest word you can derive using words that start with 'e' and end with 'it'?
The word 'electrodeposit' contains 14 characters.

How many possible words can you make using these particular combinations of letters?
24 words!

What is the most popular word for this page?
A common word for your request is 'exhibit'.

Which word from this list is the most interesting?
Standing as our favorite unusual word on this page is 'exit'. 'Exit''s definition is "He (or she ) goes out, or retires from view; as, exit Macbeth. Note: The Latin words exit (he or she goes out), and exeunt ( they go out), are used in dramatic writings to indicate the time of withdrawal from the stage of one or more of the actors. 1....", according to the English dictionary.

In Scrabble, what is the highest number of points possible using words with 'e' as the 1st letter that end with 'it'?
For a score of 19 points in Scrabble, you can play 'exhibit'.