Words with 'cr' at the start and 'o' at the end

18 words have been assembled from your search term.

3 letter words

  • cro

5 letter words

  • cravo
  • crcao
  • credo
  • cribo

6 letter words

  • crambo
  • crappo
  • crypto
  • crocko

7 letter words

  • criollo
  • crotalo
  • crusado
  • cruzado

8 letter words

  • cristino
  • crotesco
  • cruzeiro
  • cruziero

9 letter words

  • crescendo

What is an interesting word that starts with 'cr' and ends with 'o'?
A good example of an unusual word from this list goes to 'credo'. It means "The creed, as sung or read in the Roman Catholic church. He repeated Aves and Credos. Macualay.".

Is there a word on this page that sticks out as the most common?
A common word for the combination you requested is 'credo'.

What is the highest possible score you can get in Scrabble from this list of words beginning with 'cr' and ending with 'o'?
Using this combination of letters, it is possible to make 'cruzado' scoring 19 points.

How many characters does the largest word on this page contain?
Try 'crescendo', which has 9 letters.

How many viable words are possible to make using the combination you've searched for?
On this list of words with 'cr' at the start and 'o' at the end, you have 18 entries which can be selected.