Words with 'cli' at the start and 'k' at the end

Oh dear, our team have only discovered 3 words.

5 letter words that start with 'cli' and end with 'k'

  • click
  • clink

6 letter words that start with 'cli' and end with 'k'

  • cliack

What's the highest scoring word in Scrabble possible to make?
Since there are only a handful of words to choose from, you can only play cliack which totals 14 points.

How many words can you put together using the specified combination?
You could assemble 3 words using the specified combination.

Which word that starts with 'cli' and ends with 'k' is most prevalent in the dictionary?
The most common word in the dictionary is click, which in fact is the 15686th most popular word in this list.

The longest word on this page is how many characters?
The longest word that's possible to derive from this list is cliack, which contains 6 characters.

Is there an example of a word from this page of word that starts with 'cli' and ends with 'k' that could be deemed as interesting?
Certainly one of the most unusual words from this page is click. click's definition is "To make a slight, sharp noise (or a succession of such noises), as by gentle striking; to tick. The varnished clock that clicked behind the door. Goldsmith. 1. To more with the sound of a click. She clicked back the bolt which held the window sash. Thackeray. 2. To cause to...", according to the English dictionary