Words that include 'opc'

18 words were derived from your search term.

6 letter words

  • opcode
  • topcap

7 letter words

  • popcorn
  • topcast
  • topcoat

8 letter words

  • dopchick
  • popcorns
  • stopcock
  • topcoats
  • topcross

9 letter words

  • dropcloth
  • hopcalite
  • hopcrease
  • stopcocks
  • topcastle
  • topchrome

10 letter words

  • topcoating
  • topcrosses

In total, how many words are possible to make using the combination requested?
You can choose from 18 entries on this page.

How many characters are in the longest word on this page?
'Topcoating' is the longest word that our database could construct, consisting of 10 characters

In Scrabble, what is the best score possible from words that include 'opc'?
Using this particular combination, it is possible to make 'dopchick' which gets 22 points.

What's a weird word from all the word combinations possible ?
Undoubtedly one of the most weird words from this page is 'topcoat'. The definition of 'topcoat' is as follows: "An outer coat; an overcoat.". Source Cambridge Dictionary.