Words with 'c' as the first letter that end with 'int'

For this request, there are 16 results to go with.

5 letter words

  • ceint
  • chint
  • clint

7 letter words

  • capmint
  • catmint

8 letter words

  • calamint
  • comprint
  • conjoint
  • corsaint

9 letter words

  • complaint

10 letter words

  • checkpoint
  • constraint
  • crosspoint
  • cuckoopint

12 letter words

  • counterpoint

16 letter words

  • countercomplaint

What is the highest possible score you could get in Scrabble using this list of words that start with 'c' and end with 'int'?
Using this particular combination, the best word you ought to play is 'conjoint' which gets 17 points.

How many characters does the biggest word from this page consist of?
The biggest word is 16 characters, which is 'countercomplaint'.

What is the most popular word that starts with 'c' and ends with 'int'?
The most well-known word for the combination you searched is 'complaint'.

How many words are possible to make using this list?
Altogether, you can make 16 words.

Is there a distinct word from this page of word that starts with 'c' and ends with 'int' which might be thought of as interesting?
One of the most interesting words from this list is 'calamint'. The dictionary defines it as "A genus of perennial plants (Calamintha) of the Mint family, esp. The C. Nepela and C. Acinos, which are called also basil thyme.".