Words with 'c' as the first letter that end with 'cap'

We hate to point out that only 3 entries have been uncovered­čśč

8 letter words

  • catercap
  • cloudcap

9 letter words

  • cornercap

How many characters does the largest word from this page consist of?
'cornercap', which consists of 9 characters.

What is the most unusual word that starts with 'c' and ends with 'cap'?
A good example of an unusual word from this list goes to 'cornercap'. 'Cornercap''s definition is "The chief ornament. [Obs.] Thou makest the triumviry the cornercap of society. Shak.", according to the dictionary.

What's the total number of words you can put together using this combination of letters?
From this page of words beginning with 'c' and ending with 'cap', there are 3 combinations which can be selected.

What is the highest scoring word in Scrabble you can play for ?
Your only feasible choice is 'cloudcap' which scores 15 points.