Words with 'bus' at the start and 's' at the end

49 words are available for the combination specified.

4 letter words

  • buss

5 letter words

  • buses
  • busks
  • busts

6 letter words

  • busaos
  • bushes
  • busies
  • busses

7 letter words

  • busbars
  • busbies
  • busboys
  • bushels
  • bushers
  • bushwas
  • busings
  • buskers
  • buskins
  • busters
  • bustics
  • bustles

8 letter words

  • bushidos
  • bushings
  • bushless
  • bushtits
  • bushwahs
  • business
  • busyness
  • bussings
  • bustards
  • bustlers

9 letter words

  • bushbucks
  • bushelers
  • bushfires
  • bushgoats
  • bushgrass
  • bushiness
  • bushlands
  • busyworks
  • busulfans

10 letter words

  • bushbodies
  • bushelfuls
  • bushwhacks
  • busybodies
  • businesses
  • busynesses

11 letter words

  • bushmasters

12 letter words

  • bushwhackers
  • busybodyness

16 letter words

  • businesslikeness

Which word from this list has the highest letter count?
'businesslikeness' (16 characters)

Which word on this page ranks as the most common?
The most popular word is 'business', which happens to be the 462nd most common word in this list.

How many viable words are possible to make using the specified combination?
It is possible to make 49 words with the specified combination.

Which is the most interesting word that starts with 'bus' and ends with 's'?
'Buss' is certainly the most peculiar word in our list of words that start with 'bus' and end with 's'. 'Buss''s definition is "A kiss; a rude or playful kiss; a smack. Shak. To kiss; esp. To kiss with a smack, or rudely. "Nor bussed the milking maid." Tennyson. Kissing and bussing differ both in this, we buss our wantons, but our wives we kiss. Herrick. A small strong vessel with two masts and two...", according to the dictionary.

In Scrabble, what is the highest score possible using this list of words beginning with 'bus' and ending with 's'?
We suggest using 'bushwahs' for a score of score of 19 points.