Words with 'bru' at the start and 'n' at the end

11 combinations have been uncovered.

5 letter words

  • bruin

6 letter words

  • brucin

7 letter words

  • brunion

8 letter words

  • brushman
  • brushmen

9 letter words

  • brummagen
  • brunonian

13 letter words

  • brutalisation
  • brutalitarian
  • brutalization
  • brutification

How many words are possible to put together using the combination searched for?
On this list of words with 'bru' at the start and 'n' at the end, you have 11 entries which can be selected.

How many characters does the largest word from this list contain?
'Brutalisation' is the largest word that Dictionarypedia could construct, consisting of 13 characters

Is there a word on this page that sticks out as the most common?
Ranking as the 93750th most popular word, you will want to make sure you've got 'bruin' written down.

What's the highest scoring word you can play in Scrabble ?
Our suggestion for a score of 15 points is the word 'brushman'.

What's a strange word from this list of words that start with 'bru' and end with 'n'?
By far the most peculiar word from this list is 'brunion'. According to the English dictionary, 'brunion' means "A nectarine.".