Words that include 'boz'

17 results are available based on your criteria.

4 letter words

  • boza
  • bozo

5 letter words

  • bozal
  • bozos
  • bozze

6 letter words

  • bozine
  • rebozo
  • riboza
  • ribozo

7 letter words

  • abbozzo
  • rebozos
  • ribozos

8 letter words

  • bozzetto
  • calabozo

9 letter words

  • aburabozu
  • manabozho
  • rhombozoa

What's the biggest word you can make with words with 'boz' in them?
There are 9 characters in the word 'aburabozu', making it the longest word we have.

In Scrabble, what's the highest possible score you can get from this list of words that include 'boz'?
We advise using 'abbozzo' for a score of 29 points.

What's the maximum number of words you're able to make using this list?
It's possible to assemble 17 words with the specified letter combination.

What is an unique word with 'boz' in them?
Our favorite weird word from this page is 'boza'. The dictionary defines it as "An acidulated fermented drink of the Arabs and Egyptians, made from millet seed and various astringent substances; also, an intoxicating beverage made from hemp seed, darnel meal, and water. [Written also bosa, bozah, bouza.]".