Words with 'bor' at the start and 't' at the end

8 entries have been identified.

4 letter words

  • bort

6 letter words

  • borsht

7 letter words

  • boregat
  • borscht
  • borwort

9 letter words

  • boresight

10 letter words

  • boroughlet

11 letter words

  • borderlight

Which word that starts with 'bor' and ends with 't' is the most interesting?
One example of an unusual word from this list goes to 'bort'. It is defined as "Imperfectly crystallized or coarse diamonds, or fragments made in cutting good diamonds which are reduced to powder and used in lapidary work.".

How many letters does the longest word on this page consist of?
'borderlight' (11 letters)

Which word on this page ranks as the most popular?
According to our records, the most common word that start with 'bor' and end with 't' is 'bort'.

How many words is it possible to make using the combination specified?
You'll find 8 words all in all.

In Scrabble, what's the highest possible score possible using words beginning with 'bor' and ending with 't'?
From this particular combination, one could play 'borscht' for a total score of 14 points.