Words with 'ble' at the start and 'm' at the end

This specific combination has 7 solutions.

7 letter words

  • blellum

8 letter words

  • blechnum
  • blenheim

9 letter words

  • bletonism

10 letter words

  • blepharism

11 letter words

  • blenniiform

13 letter words

  • blepharospasm

What's an interesting word from the word combos available ?
We consider that 'bletonism' to be the most strange word. According to the Oxford dictionary, 'bletonism' is defined as "The supposed faculty of perceiving subterraneous springs and currents by sensation; -- so called from one Bleton, of France.".

How many characters are in the biggest word on this page?
The longest word one could derive from the combination searched for is 'blepharospasm', which contains 13 characters.

How many words are there using the combination requested?
There are up to 7 entries on this page.

What is the highest number of points you could get in Scrabble from this list of words beginning with 'ble' and ending with 'm'?
For a total of 17 points in Scrabble, it's possible to use 'blechnum'.