Words that include 'bja'

For words that include 'bja', there are 4 results to choose from.

7 letter words

  • subjack

9 letter words

  • subjacent

10 letter words

  • subjacency

11 letter words

  • subjacently

What is the highest possible score you can get in Scrabble from this list of words that include 'bja'?
With 4 entries to choose from, your only viable word is 'subjack' which totals 22 points.

How many letters are in the biggest word on this list?
There are 11 letters in the word 'subjacently', making it the biggest word we have.

What is the most interesting word from this page?
One of the most stand out words from this list of words with 'bja' in them is 'subjacent'. 'Subjacent' is defined as "1. Lying under or below. 2. Being in a lower situation, though not directly beneath; as, hills and subjacent valleys.", according to the dictionary.

What's the total number of words you're able to make using this combination of letters?
One can create 4 words with the combination you specified.