Words with 'bic' at the start and 'l' at the end

18 entries have been constructed from your particular request.

7 letter words

  • bicetyl

8 letter words

  • bicaudal
  • bicrural
  • bicursal

9 letter words

  • bicameral
  • bicentral
  • bicipital
  • biconical

10 letter words

  • bicyclical
  • bicorporal
  • bicultural
  • bicuspidal

11 letter words

  • bicorporeal

12 letter words

  • bicentennial
  • bicollateral

13 letter words

  • bicylindrical
  • biconditional
  • biconsonantal

What is the most common word that starts with 'bic' and ends with 'l' in the dictionary?
'Bicameral' is the most popular word from this list, ranked 60811th most common word.

Is there a specific word from this page which might be deemed as interesting?
The most strange word based on expert analysis is 'bicaudal'. According to the Oxford dictionary, 'bicaudal' is defined as "Having, or terminating in, two tails.".

In Scrabble, what is the best score possible using this list of words that start with 'bic' and end with 'l'?
For a score of 14 points, you can play 'bicetyl'.

In total, how many words can you make using the combination requested?
You could create 18 words from this combination.

Which word in particular on this page contains the highest number of characters?
'Bicylindrical' has 13 characters, and is the largest word you can make from the combination searched for.