Words that include 'bbu'

24 results have been derived from your particular request.

5 letter words

  • tibbu

6 letter words

  • dibbuk
  • dybbuk
  • gibbus
  • habbub
  • hubbub
  • nabbuk
  • nebbuk
  • nobbut

7 letter words

  • dibbuks
  • dybbuks
  • hubbubs
  • kebbuck
  • kibbutz
  • nebbuck

8 letter words

  • dibbukim
  • dybbukim
  • hubbuboo
  • kebbucks

9 letter words

  • kibbutzim
  • subbureau

10 letter words

  • kibbutznik
  • subbureaus
  • subbureaux

How many characters does the longest word from this list contain?
The biggest word you can assemble from this list is 'kibbutznik', and it consists 10 letters.

What's the highest scoring word in Scrabble you can play for ?
Our suggestion for a total score of 24 points is to play the word 'kibbutz'.

What is a weird word from the combinations possible on this page?
'Hubbub' certainly stands as the most weird word in our list of words with 'bbu' in them. 'Hubbub''s definition is "A loud noise of many confused voices; a tumult; uproar. Milton. This hubbub of unmeaning words. Macaulay.", according to the English dictionary.

How many possible words can you make using the combination of letters specified?
You can go with up to 24 entries addressing your query.

What's the most popular word on this page?
According to our database, the most popular word in the dictionary with 'bbu' in them is 'hubbub'.