Words with 'baw' at the start and 's' at the end

Your specific request has generated 11 suitable words.

5 letter words

  • bawds
  • bawls

7 letter words

  • bawbees
  • bawdies
  • bawlers
  • bawties

8 letter words

  • bawcocks
  • bawdrics
  • bawdries

9 letter words

  • bawdiness

11 letter words

  • bawdyhouses

What's the maximum number of words you can create from words that start with 'baw' and end with 's'?
It's possible to derive 11 words with the combination you searched for.

How many letters are in the biggest word from this list?
The largest word on this list is 'bawdyhouses'. It is made up 11 characters.

In Scrabble, what is the highest number of points possible from this list of words with 'baw' at the start and 's' at the end?
We advise using 'bawcocks' for a total of score of 21 points.

Which word that starts with 'baw' and ends with 's' is the most unique?
Undoubtedly one of the most interesting words from this page is 'bawdiness'. The dictionary defines it as "Obscenity; lewdness.".