Words with 'b' as the first letter that end with 'lo'

We have detected 21 eligible results.

3 letter words

  • blo

4 letter words

  • bilo
  • bolo

5 letter words

  • bailo
  • ballo
  • bello

6 letter words

  • balolo
  • barolo
  • bilalo

7 letter words

  • beefalo
  • bicyclo
  • buffalo
  • bumbelo
  • bummalo
  • bunuelo

8 letter words

  • bargello
  • bordello

9 letter words

  • barajillo

10 letter words

  • bassanello
  • blanquillo
  • brocatello

What is the maximum number of words you are able to put together from words that start with 'b' and end with 'lo'?
From this page of words with 'b' as the 1st letter that end with 'lo', you have 21 outstanding combinations that are possible overall.

How many characters does the longest word on this list consist of?
The longest word that's possible to construct from the specified combination is 'bassanello', which consists of 10 characters.

What is the most common word that starts with 'b' and ends with 'lo' in the dictionary?
A well-known word for your request is 'buffalo'.

What's a strange word from all the word combos available on this page?
The most unusual word based on public feedback is 'bumbelo'. It is defined as "A glass used in subliming camphor. [Spelled also bombolo and bumbolo.]".

What is the highest number of points you could get in Scrabble from this list of words that start with 'b' and end with 'lo'?
For a score of 16 points in Scrabble, you are able to play 'bicyclo'.