Words ending in 'duc'

Your particular request has resulted in 7 suitable words.

3 letter words

  • duc

4 letter words

  • educ

5 letter words

  • induc

6 letter words

  • bonduc
  • canduc
  • gweduc

8 letter words

  • barleduc

What's a weird word from the word combinations possible ?
'Bonduc' certainly ranks as the most weird word from our list of words that end with 'duc'. The typical definition of 'bonduc' is as follows: "See Nicker tree.". Source Cambridge Dictionary.

What is the most popular word on this page?
Our database notes that the most popular word in the dictionary that end with 'duc' is 'duc'!

In Scrabble, what's the most points you can get using this list of words which end with 'duc'?
One can make 'barleduc' which scores 13 points in Scrabble.

What is the biggest word you can create using words that end with 'duc'?
'barleduc' (8 characters)

How many usable words can you put together with this combination of letters?
In total, you could make 7 words.