Words that have 'f' as the second letter and 'k' as fifth letter

Our database has found 9 terms.

6 letter words

  • efecks
  • yfacks
  • ifecks

8 letter words

  • afluking

9 letter words

  • afrikaans
  • afrikaner

10 letter words

  • afrikander

13 letter words

  • afrikanderdom
  • afrikanderism

Which word in particular from this list consists the highest number of characters?
The largest word on this page is 'afrikanderdom', consisting of 13 letters

How many words can you put together with this list?
You can select up to 9 words covering all variations.

What is the highest scoring word in Scrabble available on this page ?
Our suggestion for a score of 18 points is to play the word 'yfacks'.