Words with 'z' at the start and 'b' at the end

Your specific request has resulted in 4 suitable entries.

4 letter words

  • zimb

5 letter words

  • zebub
  • zineb

9 letter words

  • zermahbub

What's the highest scoring word in Scrabble with the requested combination ?
As there is only 4 results to pick from, the only word you can play for is 'zebub' which scores 18 points.

Which is the most unique word that starts with 'z' and ends with 'b'?
You can uncover many unusual words in this list, however our favorite word currently is 'zebub'. 'Zebub''s definition is "A large noxious fly of Abyssinia, which like the tsetse fly, is destructive to cattle.", according to the dictionary.

How many words could one make using the specified combination?
It's possible to assemble 4 words with the specified combination.

Which word on this page consists the largest number of letters?
The largest word you can derive from this list is 'zermahbub', and it contains 9 characters.