Words with 'acu' at the start and 'd' at the end

Only 3 term has been discovered by our databases.

9 letter words

  • aculeated

10 letter words

  • acuminated

12 letter words

  • acupunctured

What's an interesting word on this list of words that start with 'acu' and end with 'd'?
Dictionarypedia thinks 'aculeated' to be the most weird word on this page. According to the English dictionary, 'aculeated' is defined as "Having a sharp point; armed with prickles; prickly; aculeate.".

Which word on this page has the largest letter count?
The word 'acupunctured' is made up of 12 characters.

In total, how many possible words can you make using this list?
You could assemble 3 words from the letter combination you asked for.