Words that include 'kg'

36 words have been found for this particular combination.

2 letter words

  • kg

3 letter words

  • bkg
  • dkg
  • kgf
  • kgr
  • pkg

4 letter words

  • bkgd
  • pkgs

6 letter words

  • ginkgo

8 letter words

  • backgame
  • blackgum
  • ginkgoes
  • workgirl

9 letter words

  • blackgums
  • milkgrass
  • muskgrass
  • neckguard
  • peakgoose

10 letter words

  • backgammon
  • backgeared
  • background
  • blackguard
  • dronkgrass
  • ginkgoales
  • mockground
  • silkgrower
  • stackgarth

11 letter words

  • backgrounds
  • blackguards
  • ginkgoaceae

12 letter words

  • blackguardly
  • blackguardry
  • ginkgoaceous

13 letter words

  • blackguardism
  • blackguardize

18 letter words

  • markgenossenschaft

What is an unique word from this list?
The most weird word from this list is 'backgammon'. According to the Oxford dictionary, 'backgammon' is defined as "A game of chance and skill, played by two persons on a "board" marked off into twenty-four spaces called "points". Each player has fifteen pieces, or "men", the movements of which from point to point are determined by throwing dice. Formerly called tables. Backgammon board , a board for playing...".

What's the maximum number of words you can create from this list?
You can create 36 words from the letter combination you asked for.

What's the best score you're able to get in Scrabble from this list of words that include 'kg'?
From this particular combination, it is possible to play 'backgame' which gets 19 points in Scrabble.

How many characters does the longest word from this list consist of?
'Markgenossenschaft' is the longest word that our database could construct. It has 18 characters.

Which word on this page is the most popular?
Our system says the most popular word in the dictionary with 'kg' in them is 'background'!