Words that have 't' as the second letter and 'x' as fifth letter

8 entries are available.

5 letter words

  • strix

6 letter words

  • atwixt
  • ethoxy

7 letter words

  • ethoxyl

8 letter words

  • ethoxide
  • ethoxyls

12 letter words

  • ethoxyethane

14 letter words

  • ethoxycaffeine

How many words can you make using the specified combination?
From this page of words where 't' is the 2nd letter and 'x' is the 5th letter, you have 8 entries which can be selected.

What word where the second letter is 't' and fifth letter is 'x' is the most unique?
We feel that 'strix' to be the most unusual word. It means "One of the flutings of a column.".

How many characters are in the longest word from this page?
The largest word constructed by Dictionarypedia is 'ethoxycaffeine'. It has 14 letters.

What is the highest scoring word in Scrabble using the above combination ?
For a total of 21 points, it's possible to use 'ethoxyls'.