Words that contain 'op' and end in 'ei'

Regrettably only 3 words have been generated using the combination you requested.

5 letter words

  • copei

8 letter words

  • poplitei

11 letter words

  • scleroparei

What is the total number of words one can assemble using this list?
From this page of words that contain 'op' and end in 'ei', there are 3 outstanding entries which are available altogether.

What's the largest word you can make from this list?
'Scleroparei', which contains 11 letters.

In Scrabble, what is the most points possible from this list of words containing 'op' and ending with 'ei'?
Since there are only 3 combinations available, your only viable option is 'poplitei' for a score of 12 points.