Words that contain 'kr' and end in 'y'

12 entries have been derived using your search term.

7 letter words

  • kodakry

8 letter words

  • kromesky

9 letter words

  • bankrupcy
  • gimmickry
  • kritarchy
  • warlockry

10 letter words

  • bankruptcy
  • bankruptly

12 letter words

  • kremlinology
  • rebankruptcy

13 letter words

  • prebankruptcy
  • probankruptcy

How many characters does the largest word from this page consist of?
The largest word that's possible to construct from words that have 'kr' in and end with 'y' is 'prebankruptcy', which has 13 characters.

What is the highest number of points you can get in Scrabble from this list of words that have 'kr' in and end with 'y'?
One can make 'kromesky' which gets 21 points in Scrabble.

What is a strange word from the word combinations available on this list?
The most interesting word from this list is 'bankruptcy'. According to the Oxford dictionary, 'bankruptcy' is defined as "1. The state of being actually or legally bankrupt. 2. The act or process of becoming a bankrupt. 3. Complete loss; -- followed by of.".

What's the most popular word on this page?
Our system says the most popular word that have 'kr' in and end with 'y' is 'bankruptcy'.

What is the maximum number of words you could assemble using this list?
You could make 12 words with the specified combination.