Words that contain 'do' and end in 'ee'

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5 letter words

  • donee
  • doree

6 letter words

  • donnee
  • doolee

7 letter words

  • adoptee
  • adossee
  • dominee
  • donatee

8 letter words

  • bindoree
  • endorsee
  • indorsee
  • pardonee

9 letter words

  • abandonee
  • dollardee

10 letter words

  • doubletree

What is the highest scoring word you can play in Scrabble ?
You could make 'bindoree' for a total of 11 points.

What's the most common word that has 'do' in and ends with 'ee' in the dictionary?
'Donnee' is the most well-known word from this that have 'do' in and end with 'ee', ranked 56933rd most common word.

In total, how many words could one make using these specific combinations of letters?
From this page of words containing 'do' and ending with 'ee', there are 15 combinations that are possible.

What is a weird word from the combinations possible on this list?
The most stand out word from this list is surely 'doree'. According to the English dictionary, 'doree' is defined as "A European marine fish (Zeus faber), of a yellow color. See Illust. Of John Doree. Note: The popular name in England is John Doree, or Dory, well known to be a corruption of F. Jaune-dorée, i. E., golden-yellow. See 1st Dory.".

What is the largest word you can assemble using this list?
The longest word constructed by our team is 'doubletree'.