Words that contain 'dl' and end in 'ze'

For words that contain 'dl' and end in 'ze', there are 7 words.

9 letter words

  • bedlamize
  • boodleize

10 letter words

  • bowdlerize
  • hoodlumize
  • maudlinize
  • midlandize
  • twaddleize

What's the total number of words one can create from this combination of letters?
There are 7 words you're able to choose for words that have 'dl' in and end with 'ze'.

Which word from this list has the highest character count?
The biggest word you can derive from the specified combination is 'bowdlerize', which consists of 10 characters.

What word from this list is the most unique?
By far the most unusual word from this list is 'bowdlerize'. According to the dictionary, 'bowdlerize' is defined as "To expurgate, as a book, by omitting or modifying the parts considered offensive. It is a grave defect in the splendid tale of Tom Jones . . . That a Bowlderized version of it would be hardly intelligible as a tale. F. Harrison. -- Bowd`ler*i*za"tion (#), n. --Bowd"ler*ism (#), n.".