Words that contain 'de' and end in 'th'

This specific combination has 41 entries.

5 letter words

  • death
  • depth
  • derth

6 letter words

  • dearth
  • sdeath

7 letter words

  • leadeth

8 letter words

  • demibath
  • predeath
  • standeth

9 letter words

  • dearworth
  • dermalith
  • megadeath
  • undermath

10 letter words

  • afterdeath
  • bladesmith
  • demisheath
  • undercloth
  • underdepth
  • underearth
  • undergirth
  • undermirth
  • underneath

11 letter words

  • decillionth
  • depressanth
  • ganderteeth
  • goldenmouth
  • underbreath
  • undergrowth
  • underwarmth
  • wondersmith

12 letter words

  • gandertmeeth
  • pseudelminth

13 letter words

  • undecillionth
  • understrength

14 letter words

  • duodecillionth
  • tredecillionth

15 letter words

  • octodecillionth
  • quindecillionth

16 letter words

  • novemdecillionth

17 letter words

  • septendecillionth

19 letter words

  • quattuordecillionth

Is there any word on this page that stands out as the most popular?
'Death' is the most popular word from this that have 'de' in and end with 'th', ranked 393rd most common word.

What is an example of a unique word from this page?
You can find numerous weird words in this list, although our favorite word at the moment is 'dearworth'. It means "Precious. [Obs.] Piers Plowman.".

How many characters does the largest word on this list consist of?
There are 19 characters in the word 'quattuordecillionth', that makes it the longest word on our list.

In Scrabble, what's the highest number of points you can get using this list of words containing 'de' and ending with 'th'?
From this particular combination, the best word to play is 'demibath' which scores 16 points in Scrabble.

What's the max number of words you are able to assemble from words that have 'de' in and end with 'th'?
You can pick from up to 41 words.