Words that contain 'de' and end in 'by'

Scroll down to uncover 4 entries for every word that has 'de' in and ends with 'by'.

5 letter words

  • debby
  • derby

7 letter words

  • rudesby

12 letter words

  • undershrubby

Which word that has 'de' in and ends with 'by' is the most popular word in the dictionary?
As far as well-known words go, there's 'derby' which is the 76327th most popular word.

What is the longest word you can make with words that have 'de' in and end with 'by'?
There are 12 letters in the word 'undershrubby', making it the largest word we have.

How many usable words are possible to make with this combination of letters?
It is possible to make 4 words with the combination you specified.

What is the highest scoring word in Scrabble with the requested combination ?
4 results possible, you are forced to go with 'debby' scoring 13 points.

What is the most unique word from this list?
'Derby' definitely stands as the most peculiar word from our list of words that have 'de' in and end with 'by'. The definition of 'derby' is as follows: "1. A race for three-old horses, run annually at Epsom (near London), for the Derby stakes. It was instituted by the 12th Earl of Derby, in 1780. Derby Day, the day of the annual race for the Derby stakes, -- Wednesday of the week before Whitsuntide. 2. A stiff felt...". Source Cambridge Dictionary.