Words that contain 'dc' and end in 'e'

There are 21 words you're able to use from the dictionary for this search.

5 letter words

  • idcue

7 letter words

  • bedcase
  • dcbname
  • kidcote

8 letter words

  • bandcase
  • birdcage
  • cardcase
  • hardcase
  • hardcore
  • seedcake
  • seedcase

9 letter words

  • friedcake
  • headchute
  • midcourse
  • poundcake

10 letter words

  • cardcastle
  • dcolletage
  • foldcourse
  • headcheese

11 letter words

  • sandculture
  • woodcockize

What word from this page is the most unusual?
Our favorite weird word from this list goes to 'cardcase'. The definition of 'cardcase' is as follows: "A case for visiting cards."Credit to the Cambridge Dictionary.

What's the total number of words you're able to make from this combination of letters?
It is possible to make 21 words using this list.

What is the highest scoring word you can play in Scrabble ?
For a score of 15 points, you could use 'seedcake'.

Which word on this page is made up of the highest number of letters?
'Sandculture', which is made up of 11 letters.