Words that contain 'd' and end in 'zen'

Our database has found 12 words.

5 letter words

  • dizen
  • dozen

6 letter words

  • dizzen

7 letter words

  • bedizen
  • denizen

8 letter words

  • adfrozen

9 letter words

  • adffrozen
  • endenizen

10 letter words

  • deepfrozen

12 letter words

  • undercitizen

13 letter words

  • dehydrofrozen

14 letter words

  • dehydroffrozen

What's the most common word for this page?
We can verify that 'dozen' is the 2074th most common word.

How many words could one make using the combination specified?
There are 12 words that can be found for any word that has 'd' in and ends with 'zen'.

What's an interesting word on this page?
'Dozen' is certainly the most weird word in our list of words that have 'd' in and end with 'zen'. 'Dozen' is defined as "1. A collection of twelve objects; a tale or set of twelve; with or without of before the substantive which follows. "Some six or seven dozen of Scots." "A dozen of shirts to your back." "A dozen sons." "Half a dozen friends." Shak. 2. An indefinite small number. Milton. A...", according to the dictionary.

What is the largest word you can make with words that have 'd' in and end with 'zen'?
Consider 'dehydroffrozen', which contains 14 letters.

In Scrabble, what's the highest number of points possible using words that have 'd' in and end with 'zen'?
For a score of 25 points, it is possible to use 'dizzen'.