Words that contain 'd' and end in 'oun'

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6 letter words

  • adnoun

7 letter words

  • rendoun

8 letter words

  • huddroun
  • upsedoun

9 letter words

  • bloodnoun

11 letter words

  • disputisoun

Is there an example of a word from this page of word that has 'd' in and ends with 'oun' which might be thought of as unusual?
The most unusual word based on expert opinion is 'adnoun'. The definition of 'adnoun' is as follows: "An adjective, or attribute. [R.] Coleridge."Credit to the Cambridge Dictionary.

In total, how many possible words can you make using this list?
One can derive 6 words with this list.

What is the longest word you can make from words that have 'd' in and end with 'oun'?
The longest word on this list is 'disputisoun'. It is made up 11 characters.

In Scrabble, what is the most points you can get using this list of words that have 'd' in and end with 'oun'?
For a total of 13 points, you are able to play 'huddroun'.