Words that contain 'd' and end in 'imo'

We have found 6 words.

9 letter words

  • duodecimo

10 letter words

  • adagissimo
  • dolcissimo
  • octodecimo

11 letter words

  • sextodecimo

12 letter words

  • dolentissimo

How many characters does the longest word on this page contain?
The largest word that's possible to assemble from this combination is 'dolentissimo', which contains 12 characters.

What's an interesting word from the word combos possible ?
Ranking as the most interesting word on this list is 'duodecimo'. 'Duodecimo''s definition is "Having twelve leaves to a sheet; as, a duodecimo from, book, leaf, size, etc. A book consisting of sheets each of which is folded into twelve leaves; hence, indicating, more or less definitely, a size of a book; -- usually written 12mo or 12ยบ.", according to the English dictionary.

Is there any word on this page that sticks out as the most popular?
The most common word for your search is 'duodecimo'.

How many acceptable words can you make using this combination of letters?
It is possible to derive 6 words with the combination you searched for.