Words that contain 'd' and end in 'ela'

The combination requested has generated 9 words.

5 letter words

  • adela

7 letter words

  • candela
  • cedrela
  • urodela

8 letter words

  • diallela

9 letter words

  • cicindela
  • spirodela

11 letter words

  • dendrocoela
  • rhabdocoela

How many possible words can you make using this combination of letters?
It is possible to derive 9 words with the specified combination.

What's the biggest word you can assemble from the combination of letters specified?
'dendrocoela', which consists of 11 characters.

What's the highest scoring word in Scrabble you can play for ?
From this combination, one can make 'candela' scoring 10 points.

Which is the most unusual word from this list?
You'll note a handful of weird words in this list, however our favorite is 'dendrocoela'. According to the dictionary, 'dendrocoela' is defined as "A division of the Turbellaria in which the digestive cavity gives off lateral branches, which are often divided into smaller branchlets.".