Words that contain 'd' and end in 'bud'

6 entries are available.

6 letter words

  • adsbud
  • disbud
  • redbud

7 letter words

  • gadsbud
  • oddsbud

8 letter words

  • underbud

How many acceptable words could one put together using the combination specified?
There are 6 words that can be found using words that have 'd' in and end with 'bud'.

Which word in particular on this page has the highest character count?
'Underbud' is the longest word that our database could find, made up of 8 characters

What's an unusual word from all the word combos available on this page?
A good example of a weird word from this page goes to 'disbud'. According to the Oxford dictionary, 'disbud' is defined as "To deprive of buds or shoots, as for training, or economizing the vital strength of a tree.".

What is the highest number of points you could get in Scrabble using this list of words that have 'd' in and end with 'bud'?
For 12 points in Scrabble, one could play 'gadsbud'.