Words that have 'd' as the second letter and 'b' as fifth letter

38 results have been found based on your criteria.

6 letter words

  • idigbo
  • idleby

7 letter words

  • addable
  • addible
  • adhibit
  • adiabat
  • oddsbud

8 letter words

  • addebted
  • adelbert
  • adhibits
  • adumbral
  • edgebone
  • odalborn

9 letter words

  • adhibited
  • adiabatic
  • adumbrant
  • adumbrate
  • edgeboned
  • edinburgh
  • idioblast

10 letter words

  • addability
  • addibility
  • adhibiting
  • adhibition
  • adiabolist
  • adumbrated
  • adumbrates

11 letter words

  • adarbitrium
  • adumbrating
  • adumbration
  • adumbrative
  • adumbrellar
  • idiobiology
  • idioblastic

12 letter words

  • adambulacral
  • adumbrations

13 letter words

  • adiabatically
  • adumbratively

What's the highest score you're able to get in Scrabble using this list of words where the second letter is 'd' and fifth letter is 'b'?
For a total of 14 points, you could play 'adhibits'.

How many letters are in the biggest word on this page?
'Adiabatically' is the largest word that we could find, consisting of 13 characters

What's the total number of words you are able to construct using this list?
There are up to 38 words using our list of words where 'd' is the 2nd letter and 'b' is the 5th letter.

Is there an example word from this page which could be thought of as unique?
Our team feels that 'adhibition' to be the most unusual word you can throw together. The definition of 'adhibition' is as follows: "The act of adhibiting; application; use. Whitaker.".