Words that contain 'cu' and end in 'sa'

For this query, there are 5 words available.

5 letter words

  • cursa

7 letter words

  • cocuisa
  • curiosa

9 letter words

  • culavamsa

10 letter words

  • reticulosa

What is the max number of words one is able to create from this combination of letters?
On this page of words that have 'cu' in and end with 'sa', there are 5 amazing combinations which can be selected.

What is the largest word you can assemble with this list?
'Reticulosa' is the largest word that our database could assemble. It is made up 10 letters.

What's the highest number of points you can get in Scrabble from this list of words containing 'cu' and ending with 'sa'?
From this combination of letters, it is possible to play 'cocuisa' which gets 11 points.

What's a peculiar word from all the word combinations available ?
The most strange word from this list is 'reticulosa'. The definition of 'reticulosa' is as follows: "Same as Reticularia.".