Words that contain 'cu' and end in 'os'

16 results have been found for the combination specified.

6 letter words

  • curios
  • cussos
  • custos

7 letter words

  • arcubos
  • cuckoos
  • cuiejos
  • cururos
  • cuttoos
  • escudos

8 letter words

  • acuerdos
  • curacaos
  • curiosos

9 letter words

  • curculios
  • tapaculos

12 letter words

  • chiaroscuros

13 letter words

  • chiarooscuros

How many letters does the largest word from this list contain?
There are 13 letters in the word 'chiarooscuros', that makes it the biggest word we have.

Which word from this list is the most unusual?
We consider 'custos' to be the most strange word you can construct. The definition of 'custos' is as follows: "A keeper; a custodian; a superintendent. [Obs.] Custos rotulorum (r Etym: [LL., keeper of the rolls] (Eng. Law), the principal justice of the peace in a county, who is also keeper of the rolls and records of the sessions of the peace.".

How many acceptable words could one put together using the combination specified?
You can derive 16 words from this list.

In Scrabble, what's the highest number of points possible from this list of words that contain 'cu' and end in 'os'?
It is possible to make 'cuiejos' which gets 16 in Scrabble.

Which word that has 'cu' in and ends with 'os' is the most popular word?
We've discovered that 'curios' is the 71865th most common word.