Words that contain 'cu' and end in 'me'

Your search has resulted in 7 suitable results.

7 letter words

  • vacuome

8 letter words

  • lacunome

9 letter words

  • curvesome

10 letter words

  • cuddlesome
  • cumbersome

12 letter words

  • peculiarsome

13 letter words

  • mercurochrome

What is a strange word from the word combos available ?
One of the most interesting words from this list is 'cumbersome'. It is defined as "1. Burdensome or hindering, as a weight or drag; embarrassing; vexatious; cumbrous. To perform a cumbersome obedience. Sir. P. Sidney. 2. Not easily managed; as, a cumbersome contrivance or machine. He holds them in utter contempt, as lumbering, cumbersome, circuitous. I. Taylor. -- Cum"ber*some*ly, adv. -- Cum"ber*some*ness,n.".

How many letters are in the biggest word on this list?
The largest word derived by our team is 'mercurochrome'.

In total, how many words are possible to make using the combination of letters specified?
There are 7 fantastic words for you to select.

In Scrabble, what's the highest score possible from this list of words that have 'cu' in and end with 'me'?
You could make 'vacuome' for a total of 14 in Scrabble.

What's the most popular word that has 'cu' in and ends with 'me' in the dictionary?
The most well-known word for your request is 'cumbersome'.