Words that contain 'cr' and end in 'wn'

Your search term has resulted in 15 eligible entries.

5 letter words

  • crown

7 letter words

  • becrown
  • decrown
  • encrown
  • recrown
  • uncrown

8 letter words

  • discrown

9 letter words

  • archcrown
  • baldcrown
  • crackdown
  • crosstown
  • overcrown

11 letter words

  • copplecrown
  • yellowcrown

12 letter words

  • cropplecrown

Which word from this list has the largest letter count?
The largest word is 12 letters long, which is 'cropplecrown'.

What's the highest scoring word in Scrabble with the above combination ?
It is possible to make 'becrown' for a total score of 14 in Scrabble.

Is there a word from this page which could be deemed as unique in any regard?
Our team considers 'crown' to be the most weird word. According to the Oxford dictionary, 'crown' means "p. P. Of Crow. [Obs.] 1. A wreath or garland, or any ornamental fillet encircling the head, especially as a reward of victory or mark of honorable distinction; hence, anything given on account of, or obtained by, faithful or successful effort; a reward. "An olive branch and laurel crown." Shak. They...".

Is there a word on this page that sticks out as the most common?
According to our records, the most common word that have 'cr' in and end with 'wn' is 'crown'!

How many words could one put together using the combination searched for?
There are up to a maximum of 15 entries.