Words that contain 'bv' and end in 's'

For words containing 'bv' and ending with 's', there are 31 results.

7 letter words

  • abvolts
  • obverts
  • obvious

8 letter words

  • obverses
  • obviates
  • subvenes
  • subverts

9 letter words

  • inobvious
  • obviators
  • subvicars
  • unobvious

10 letter words

  • nonobvious
  • obviations
  • preobvious
  • subverters

11 letter words

  • obviousness
  • subventions
  • subversions
  • subversives
  • subvitreous

12 letter words

  • subvarieties

13 letter words

  • subventitious
  • subventricous
  • unobviousness

14 letter words

  • nonobviousness
  • preobviousness
  • subversiveness

15 letter words

  • subverticalness
  • subvitreousness

16 letter words

  • unsubversiveness

17 letter words

  • nonsubversiveness

Which word in particular on this page consists the highest number of characters?
'nonsubversiveness' (17 characters)

In Scrabble, what is the highest number of points you can get using this list of words that contain 'bv' and end in 's'?
From this combination of letters, the best word to play is 'obverses' which gets 13 points in Scrabble.

Which word on this page is the most common?
We're able to confirm that 'obvious' is the 3886th most common word.

What's the max number of words one is able to put together from this combination of letters?
There are up to 31 words.

What is an interesting word from the word combinations possible ?
Ranking as the most unusual word on this list is 'subventitious'. 'Subventitious' is defined as "Helping; aiding; supporting. Urquhart.", according to the dictionary.