Words ending in 'nub'

4 entries have been produced using your search term.

3 letter words

  • nub

4 letter words

  • knub
  • snub

6 letter words

  • resnub

In Scrabble, what is the highest number of points possible from words that end with 'nub'?
Given that there 4 results to choose from, the only option you can go for is 'knub' which scores 10 points.

Which word on this page is made up of the highest number of characters?
The word 'resnub' is made up of 6 characters.

What is a strange word from this list of words that end with 'nub'?
The most weird word from this list is 'snub'. The general definition of 'snub' is as follows: "To sob with convulsions. [Obs.] Bailey. 1. To clip or break off the end of; to check or stunt the growth of; to nop. 2. To check, stop, or rebuke, with a tart, sarcastic reply or remark; to reprimand; to check. J. Foster. 3. To treat with contempt or neglect, as...".

How many viable words can you make using the combination specified?
You can go with up to 4 words.

Which word on this page ranks as the most common?
Ranking as the 35242nd most popular word, you'll want to make sure you've got 'snub' in your arsenal.