Words ending in 'ehr'

Regrettably for words ending in 'ehr' there are only 3 results.

4 letter words

  • lehr

6 letter words

  • lavehr

8 letter words

  • landwehr

Which word on this page consists the highest number of letters?
'Landwehr' is the largest word that we could find, which has 8 letters

Is there an example word from this page of word that ends with 'ehr' which might be thought of as unusual in any manner?
One of the most strange words from this list of words that end with 'ehr' is 'landwehr'. The definition of 'landwehr' is as follows: "That part of the army, in Germany and Austria, which has completed the usual military service and is exempt from duty in time of peace, except that it is called out occasionally for drill.". Source Cambridge Dictionary.

What is the highest scoring word in Scrabble available from this list ?
The only option is 'landwehr' scoring 15 points.

How many words could one put together using the combination specified?
There are up to a maximum of 3 entries for this page.