Words that contain 'ls' and end in 'rt'

This specific combination has unfortunately only resulted in 2 words.

9 letter words

  • palsywort

10 letter words

  • spoilsport

How many characters does the biggest word on this page contain?
The longest word is 10 characters, which is 'spoilsport'.

What word from this list is the most unusual?
We consider that 'palsywort' to be the most strange word. The definition of 'palsywort' is as follows: "The cowslip (Primula veris); -- so called from its supposed remedial powers. Dr. Prior.". Credit goes to Cambridge Dictionary.

How many words could one make using the combination specified?
From this list of words containing 'ls' and ending with 'rt', you have 2 effective combinations that can be selected.